Html-notepad design breakdown.
Click or scroll downwards to view client-size subframes
Herein you'll find views of casted and nested tables resizing in the CLIENT screen automatically.

These views are linked and related from subframes appearing in other pages of the CLONE.
See the refined result of these subframes in 2.php opening client screen and switching motionlessly

Compare html-outputs in/out-side of a table tag ...
Default browser char-size followed by a new line tag [<br>]

Default browser char-size followed by a new line tag [<br>]
Notepad Webdesign
Welcome to the extended comments of Notepad-Webdesign :-)
Next right-cell is a rowspan=3 syntax result  
Casting of page subframes :

Test & Code

...retrievable by this external link : verify

This might fail :
Rightclick for the entire construct : ...<td rowspan=3>... 
  This subframe groups a few table's properties as alignment percent parameters and rowspan usage in this red bordered table, besides containing in evidence all borders, the external view of the subframe-casting system and the comparing view of html output outside of a table tag.
Design Alternative : ROWSPANMain subframe REDESIGN
  Now what's all this for ?
Sometimes the external link requiring to retrieve subframes (a-named anchors) confuses the browsers ...for forcing the browser to focus on the desired subframe and to return that section to the client from pixel 0,0 ... I have nested the content between the a-name tags into a table rather then hanging the table to the a-name anchor [ test ] :-)
... invisible text in HTML

Notepad Webdesign
 ...well I just managed that the width of the link for Newbies was of the same lenght as the left vertical menu width ...set the cell as nowrap and that was it !
A simple subframes' casting :
<a name="rowspan"><br></a>

...retrievable by the related internal link.
Example : <a href=#rowspan>design</a>
Design Alternative
I have made this structure to offer a page sub-frame that opens 100% width & Client SIZE's height
My intention is to give sites' visitors the chance to have in their screen-view a sort of big paragraph containing a complete ensemble of text and related images, so that they find theirselves at easy to read and have under control the sub-frame subjects without being forced to use the vertical scrollbar and having full view of the subject from a resolution of 800 x 600 to larger screen sizes.
By surfing these pages and sub-frames, visitors will just change the content of them, while structure will remain the same by returning a nice motionless effect when surfing to the next sub-frame ...get more informations on tables' syntax at the following link
Hide the vertical navigation bar [...set : "!"] as follows : <!script src=v-nav.js> <!/script>1
... a text can be hidden here :-)

Subsection ANCHOR
Where all the pixels of the client screen are :-)
  At this link you will see all margins bordering an html-table top, right, bottom, left
The topMargin is for MSIE 15px ... so the settings : <br style="line-height:15px">
<table width=100% height=104% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0
bordercolor=blue bgColor=white border=0><tr><td align=center>
<a name=example><br style="line-height:15px">
<table width=100% height=96% cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0
bgColor=aqua bordercolor=blue border=1><tr><td align=center>
SUBFRAME CONTENT (...all you see in this #test subsection)
Those 3 breaking lines, at the bottom of the construct, have been set to let the browser be free to move downwards its run and show the borders of the constructed subsection, if this subframe is placed at the bottom of the page.
There also should be noted that the height of the table-container is 104% and then resized it into the visible client height to 96% that should correspond approximately to Client-100% height :-)
This construct lets target subframes from external links, besides giving a pleasant motionless effect if surfing subframes belonging to the same page and finally would also allow you to nicely border or not your client visible subframe by setting the border in the blue bordered table, note by last that this whole Subframe Content it's formed by 3 rows, which are not visible, sofar all you see in here is nested again in a table with border=0
Adjust parameters on your taste and feel once, then it's bar a matter of Copy & Paste. You only need to add the standard html tags to this construct, to get a frame that will be able to nest properly all the objects you might wish ...
A name targeted examples : Internal - External