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... your website in ~3 hrs

Details :  Clone.zip is an exact copy of: This Directory Installation.
Files to perform Login & Registration at your site will be in folder:
except file cc.php that will be in folder:
A second Members' Area will be fully functional in folder:
You will also get a /home/root/ folder and some other root-files for security & info.
If you desire a root install of clone.zip www/clone
... you will have to do it yourself adjusting a few relative paths.
You will back up your CLONE and make all attempts to modify or replace its contents,
. . . if anything goes wrong you will then restore it and try again.
If you buy the installing option [...additional € 48],
, , , then let me know your :
cPanel URL & related access data
OR Your HTTP ,  FTP Access & URL - MySQL Access Data
... your valid E-mail account whereto receive your webmail.
... and I will upload the website and make the related SETUP :-)
. . . in this page you see the navigation bar on top and left as well :-)

About & Details
. . . Php MySQL Apache
What you need to acknowledge at first is :
How PHP works !
To do that let's first say what a webpage CODE is ...
  ... if you rightclick this page and choose HTML or View Source from the rightclick MENU you then will see all code that produces the output of this page in particular here you will find JavaScripts such as the references to External scripts to recall the vertical or the horizontal site-navigation. You will also see all html tags that are forming the content of this page, including images and sounds, if any have been inserted, but no way you would get the php-code that has generated the code to which you are allowed by rightclicking.
For example you are now watching page 2.php of which the code request to the server was : <?include("2.htm");?>

If you now rightclick you cannot see anywhere the php code-string : <?include("2.htm");?>
...so shortcut your php learning path and get the keys to this website in 3 hours  !  [ ORDER NOW ]

This page [ 2.php AND THE WHOLE CLONE-WEBSITE ] is set on an APACHE SERVER, the whole of what you are looking at is the answer or the result of a PHP processed request to this APACHE SERVER, by having clicked a link that has made a URL-request and led you herein by return You cannot see the code that has queried the server to get this page by downloading or rightclicking as this code might also be a result of a MySQL-database query, being MySQL the server software included in the Apache SERVER that handles all http-requests of this website.


Directory & Standalone
  Significative php file's content of the two installations is quite the same.
... The Directory install has less clientside content than this Standalone Installation, due to the fact that the clientside content is subjected to revision and to further design adjustments.

Actually the 2 installs differs for the relative path root only and that implies just the database connection path, this means that the directory clone can be moved inside the server public root and still will work easily by just changing the paths to MySQL inside the files common.php referring to data that are set above the server public root for security reasons.

Directories' FTP-Directories views excerpt:
Dir-Install: MySQL etc public_html → www/clone/
Standalone: .cpanel MySQL etc public_html → www/loose files and folders of clone.zip including common.php/
As can be seen the Dir-install leaves more room to the public root usage for uploading and publishing, without confusing the webmaster with the e-learning stuff contained in this clone suite.

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