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PHP - MySQL - Apache - JavaScript
A ready to use key for interactive PHP webdesign and a shortcut for your php learning path.
Get your Key now :
Get a copy of installed in 3 hours from ICS and working on your server !
Back up the CLONE installation and make all attempts to modify or replace its contents , , ,
. . . if anything goes wrong just restore your CLONE installation files in minutes and try again.
...that's how you will gradually learn JavaScript Html and PHP.
You can also just leave the original CLONE installation directories and both registrations' related database-tables of your webserver as they are, they will be a guideline for your website to quick check or compare your progress in customizing this structure in other directories of your website.
Investing and crediting into a qualified e-learnig feature like: CLONE would turn out to shortcut your PHP learning path and a ready KEY to your web-programming REGARDLESS you BUY anything from ICS :-)

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Other keys
The SEO Key is absolutely something you cannot miss to get forged.
The sooner you start the better will be, also because SEO is a long term activity and results are not to be seen immediately. Then for your marketing make a basic subscription of your website at least to yahoo and google, care while designing your page on the client resolution, get a cPanel on a webhosting running apache php and mysql, if you need to administrate your members build a restricted area and a registration feature possible running on cookie system and equipe that area with a logout facility.
Make a demo of your packages and products and describe what you want to sell setting your prices on frontend. Make an HELP or FAQ section dedicated to your product and if possible be reachable by instant messaging as online helpdesk.

Regarding your website try to use just windows notepad as editor, although this might appear difficult, I can tell that is only apparently difficult, client side editor are much more difficult when you start requiring interactivity, so you better start using snippets of javascript and php start testing yourself here ... remember that NOTEPAD will last forever and for all your scripting-languages

I suggest to not start with html frames but to use single files, unless you have any targeted reason for that.
Set a textshout feature online to let your visitor posting their messages, but get that subroutined to a registration area as link-spamming is nowdays a problem.
Regarding your code keep it simple and care about syntax and style. By last care that your links have tooltips and if you are linking outside of your website set the target parameter to "top".
If you caress or not the idea to webdesign or webmaster on your own, do the following anyhow :
Read tutorials and informations, subscribe to forums, blogs, sign guestbooks, buy a webspace with cPanel where to set your demos, promote your business, make some SEO, get the tools to be paid (credit card) , get links , learn JavaScript Html and PHP.
...eventually learn using a good program for webdesigning, start now by registering to


Personal Webhosting Package
If you buy a webhosting from you will get from ICS :
  ... here people will see all the pages that you will upload.
 A cPanel at the URL :
    Here you would be provided of all the features listed at right :
You would get the following by e-mail
 If you then buy or already own a domain name as or similar, then you can relate all files that you will upload into as they were phisically residing into your by managing that through your cPanel ACCESS.
This might confuse a Newbie at first impact, as it includes a little bit of protocols and knowledge basis on how a basic and complete interactive website works, also would give you the impression that I am trying to sell you my webhosting services.
Actually I am not keen to sell you JUST webhosting; if ever I would that, the webhosting service of would be encoded to the CLONE Package and would be for your only eLearning usage and NO COMMERCIAL or SPAM WOULD BE ADMITTED from ICS SERVER. Get your webspace wherever you find it convenient and eventually encode ICS CLONE installation to that, to make a very good move and shortcut your PHP & JavaScript and webmaster learning path :-)
| New Account Info |
| Domain:
| Ip: (n)
| HasCgi: y
| UserName: your_name
| PassWord: Your_Password
| CpanelMod: x3
| HomeRoot: /home
| Quota: 250 Meg [ 30 per YEAR]
| NameServer:
| Contact Email:
| Package: cphp_250

Account was setup by: cphp (root)
Tip : Make sure that whatever webhosting you BUY has the above described specifications to start properly your PHP ...SEE the DETAILS : HERE Other Keys   DESIGN   Top

Related to web I would say DESIGN = PROGRAMMING
Programming is simple, just read and understand this page
I am stating all over my sites the recommendation not to use any editor for programming your pages, except if you limit that to an images' editor ... here is the explanation :
cPanel has a standard feature that is called Fantastico. This feature includes many suites in several scripting languages, they consist of forums, galleries, eCommerce, Mailinglists, chats, and many other facilities.

All you need to do is to nstall them and manage them by related client side interfaces, no programming knowledge is required to click and install a cPanel Maillinglist Facility that actually is in pyton scripting :-)
If you then are heading for to learn PHP for example, in that case you can just use NOTEPAD of windows as your basic editor, for example you install your phpBB FORUM, which is an excellent software, then after the installation you download all the generated files on your computer and peep into them all php and mysql code and see what it outputs online and eventually attempt to make some code-addings on your own.
Nobody will hold you to edit any file with whatsoevr editor and then upload it and link to it on your website.
Remember this :
Whatever you are looking for your web activity,
you got a chance to get it right with PHP by just NOTEPADDING :-)

PHP is a programming language and is made out of TEXT all you need is a text editor and NOTEPAD is a text editor ... That's all !
Almost all you see on your PC-SCREEN including images is made out of TEXT ... and this is an EXAMPLE
To verify this just rightclick any image file and choose OPEN with NOTEPAD and all you'll get will be the related code TEXT
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